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Teeth whitening in 08724

The 08724 dental office of Brick Dental uses several different techniques to whiten teeth. Years of eating and drinking can discolor teeth, so can the repeated use of certain medications, so dentists are at the forefront of restoring the color of teeth. Whitening products abound in retail stores but these products do not have the precision and lasting whitening power of those available to dental professionals.

Our 08724 dental office uses the Philips Zoom System to whiten our patient’s teeth the procedure can be done either in our office or at home. In our office our doctor will apply a 20 percent hydrogen peroxide whitening varnish onto the teeth and then a sealant layer that dries in minutes. A special light is used to activate the whitening solution.The patient keeps the whitening solution on for 15 minutes then brushes off the thin layer of sealant, this is repeated three times for a total time of about 45 minutes and after the last cycle the beautiful restored smile is revealed. If our patient prefers they can use the Zoom at home approach, which uses custom-whitening trays that our practice provides that is used with a special whitening gel. Your custom trays are developed from impressions of your mouth that our doctor takes. This is important because it means that the trays fit your teeth snugly so the gel makes contact with your teeth, this snug contact can’t be achieved when using OTC whitening products. The proprietary gel formula of the ZOOM system is far more effective than those found in retail stores. The patient can use the at home system whenever they want, so there is maximum flexibility.

ZOOM whitening is just one way in which our 08724 dental office can improve the look of your teeth. Our office is equipped with the latest technology to offer all cosmetic dentistry services from tooth whitening to bonding and white fillings, to veneers, implants and tooth replacements, restorations, inlays, crowns and surgery to lengthen or shorten the gums. If the look of your teeth is bothering you please come to our office so we can help you enjoy smiling again.

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