08724 Family Dentist

08724 Family Dentist

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If you think that you have to bring your child to a special dental office that only handles kids, we want you to know more about what we offer here at Brick Dental. With attentive, specialized, expert care for all ages, everyone in your family from toddlers to great grandparents will feel relaxed and at home here where our 08724 family dentist makes it easy for you to have one single practice and location for your entire household.

Kids need extra patience and to be treated gently. The attitudes that they form about dentistry when they are this tender age will become permanent later on. Most adults who feel negatively about dental care or who are nervous and fearful can trace it back to bad experiences in their childhood. That’s why our 08724 family dentist is so careful about easing your child into feeling at home here. We make sure that she or he is familiar with our staff and with the equipment and instruments that are used. Painless care is not just for kids, though. It’s for our valued adult patients, too. And while no one can guarantee that you’ll never feel any discomfort ever, our 08724 family dentist works hard t minimize such instances, even when addressing toothaches, infections, or traumatic injuries. We are pleased to offer a wide range of essential services from the restorative to the cosmetic; from the orthodontic to the periodontal. Root canals are performed, as is oral surgery in the form of extractions and the placement of dental implants, including All-on-4 and All-on-6 for the replacement of multiple lost teeth.

We encourage you to take advantage of our dental care for all ages. Simply click on our “request an appointment” tab to schedule your visit or that of a family member. If you prefer, you can call our office instead to book your next trip here.

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